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Raised: $2

Helping mothers survive | Helping Ethiopia manage acute malnutrition | Committed to strengthen Africas capacity to detect and prevent health emergencies

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What We Do

Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation has formed a strategic alliance with Eagle's Nest Foundation which is an all volunteer organisation. We work with a shared purpose to provide medical necessities to rural Africa. With our shared effort we aim to connect hospitals, donors and patients in rural Africa by collecting surplus medical supplies and equipment from hospitals and clinics.

We envision to help patients around rural Africa to have access to emergency medical equipment, medical electronics, surplus medicine, medical supplies and medical furnishing. We are making an impact on bringing a positive change. Join us to create an impact. Donate medical supplies to give a helping hand to Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation.

Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation





Do you know, lack of access to medical supplies contributes to millions of deaths and untold suffering in Africa. The public sector's medical supplies system is plagued by inadequate financing and lack of proper facilities. Thousands of children die every day due to lack of medical equipment and supplies. Learn More