Spanish flu, a deadly influenza swept the entire country, which led Dr Thomas Alexander Lambie to come and provide service in emergency situations

In response to the invitation from Governor of Qellem, Dr Lambie arrived in Sayo, Dembi Dollo

Patients came for treatment and temporary clinic was set up in the corner of the verandah of a coffee warehouse. That's how Dembi Dollo Hospital began.

Eighty hectares of tax free land was granted to Dr Lambie for mission work. This grant was sealed by Birru and later approved by Ras Teferi.

The first church, N.S Pittsburg gave $12000 for the erection of a memorial to their pastor's wife Jean R.Orr

The new hospital was completed in 1933 and was named The Jean R.Orr memorial hospital.

The mengistu's communist government expropriated the hospital and the hospital lost all its credibility and went down the drain. The name was also changed to Dembi Dollo Hospital. And it continued its service under ministry of health.

The hospital came to the attention of “Glimmer of Hope foundation” a US based organisation, which helped in the renovation of the hospital.



Today we work with hundreds of medical suppliers and clinics to provide unused medical supplies in rural Africa.Our goal is to supply hospitals throughout rural Africa with medical necessaties and training until they are self sustaining.