Donate Medical Furnishing

Donate Medical Furnishing

Hospital beds and stretchers so common and easily accessible in the US is a treasure for many patients in rural Africa. Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation enables organizations, hospitals, and other individual donors to donate functioning and repairable medical furnishings like beds, stretchers, recliners, walkers and wheelchairs, etc. all equipment is inspected, tested and repaired by us before supplying. We understand that each and every equipment has an important role in providing care and access to patients so we try our best to provide comprehensive equipment. Even if you want to donate wheelchair or even a small medical stool, you can contact us and we will help you with the donation.

Whether it is hospital beds, recliners, medical stools or work tables our Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation community has helped local healthcare providers in under-developed regions deliver the best possible care to those who need it. Yet we are unable to keep up with the pace of demand for medical furnishings and supplies. Behind every reused item of medical furnishings and equipment is a story to be told, a dream being realized, a goal being met. We believe in people-centric work and we aim to provide people with a safe recovery at hospitals.


How can you help

1- Spread the word if you are a manufacturer of medical furnishings and equipment, a hospital, a clinic or if you are involved in the business. Please introduce us to others in your field and help them to donate used medical equipment

2- If you have connections at other charity organization or philanthropic organizations, please let them know about our mission.

3- If you are just someone who wants to help, contact us at-

Help us deliver health and hope:

You are the bloodstream of our program. Dembi Dollo Hospital foundation turns your medical furnishing donation into life saving solutions by connecting those who have it with those who need it. Each person who receives proper medical care due to Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundations efforts are a testament to the power of giving. You are the helping hand to those who lack even the basic medical facilities.


your WASTE can be someone's LUXURY