Dembi Dollo Hospital foundation is an international organization, which works in a strategic alliance with Eagle’s Nest Foundation. We work with a shared purpose to provide medical assistance in Rural Africa. We aim to bring a global change to provide medical assistance all around the globe.

Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation raises valuable resources for its work across the globe through:

  • Individuals
  • Corporate and institutional donations

Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation, envisions to help patients around rural Africa to have access to medical supplies, medical equipment medical furnishing, and overall basic medical assistance.

Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation also accepts donations of unused, unexpired medical surplus and medical equipment from across the globe. A large part of Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation’s medical products come from manufacturers, distributors, hospital as well as medical clinics.

Certainly the problem is huge. But every contribution no matter how small it is, counts!! As it is said, "Every drop in the ocean counts" so every contribution you make takes us a step forward to reach our goal.