Medical Training Program

Medical Training Program

Millions of people die unnecessarily each year due to lack of healthcare facilities. This untimely death is attributed to a shortage of doctors and nurses in poor countries, especially in rural areas where the poorest population resides. Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation is committed to providing training to health professionals. Many medical practitioners and technicians have graduated from our program and are engaged in EMT responsibility as well as other medical services in rural Africa. We aim to bridge the gap between patients and health service providers. Our trained medical professionals are committed to improving healthcare in Africa.

Our medical training program aims to improve health outcomes by extending the reach and enhancing the quality of healthcare in Africa as well as other underserved areas of the world.


We are dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through healthcare training to healthcare professionals . we aim to provide healthcare accessibility and local capacity building of doctors and nurses in underserved communities worldwide.


Not all areas and nations of the world are properly served by doctors and nurses. Dembi Dollo Hospital Foundation envisions a world where no one dies due to lack of healthcare and health professionals.


Millions of children and women die every year due to lack of basic medical facilities. We aim to end this suffering with our medical training program.


Our trained health professionals will provide diagnosis as well as treatment of critical medical emergency as well as clinical standard of care for the poorest of poor in unserved areas of the world.

HELPING people survive!!