5 Easy Steps To Donate Used Medical Equipment

5 Easy Steps To Donate Used Medical Equipment

October 23, 2019 1172 Dembi Dollo

Many developing and underdeveloped nations are dependent on donor assistance to meet the demand for medical equipment in their hospitals and clinics. 

But most of the donors don’t know how to and where to donate used medical equipment, they end up throwing the equipment and the equipment get piled up in the junkyard. 

Thus there is a need to improve the process of donation so that there is a mutual benefit for both the donor as well as the recipient. 

Good donation principles that you can keep in mind while donating includes:

  1. The equipment donated should benefit the recipient to the maximum extent possible

  2. Donation should be given with due respect and wishes to the recipient. And the donation should be in conformity with the government policies as well as the administrative arrangement of the recipient country

  3. The quality of the used medical equipment should be as per acceptable standard. So that the recipient country is not made a junkyard of poor quality donated products. 

  4.  Effective communication between the donor and the recipient so that the donation can be made as per the formulated plan. 

Follow these 5 steps to donate used medical equipment for the maximum benefit of people in need:

  1. Gather stuff

If you are an individual or a medical equipment manufacturing organization, with unused or unexpired medical equipment, gather them together. 

  1. Give them a look over

The equipment to be donated should be in a usable condition and should not be just a junk that you want to get off your home/company. Ensure that all parts of the equipment are in a working condition. 

  1. Call an NGO/ Non-profit organization to schedule a pickup:

There are many organizations that work to supply medical equipment in developing or underdeveloped countries. Choose the organization as per your wish and try to read reviews about their work online. So that you can know about the equipment they accept. Once you have chosen the NGO, call them for equipment pick up or drop off the equipment to their warehouse. 

  1. Take receipt:

Always try to take the receipt of the NGO you have donated your product to. This will ensure that you are donating to the organization that is government approved and will be used for a good cause. 

  1. Follow up:

Keep in touch with the organization you have donated your product to. Ask them about their work and how your donated product was used for betterment. This follow up will give you a sense of satisfaction and you will want to donate again in the future. 

Try to make a difference in the world by donating something that’s of no use to you. This donated medical equipment can be a lifesaving device for millions of people in the underdeveloped world.


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