How to make good use of used medical supplies and equipment?

How to make good use of used medical supplies and equipment?

October 23, 2019 969 Dembi Dollo

Do you know around 9 million children around the age of 5 die every year due to lack of proper medical supplies, especially in developing nations?

People in the developing world are dying every day because their hospitals and clinics don’t have access to adequate medical supplies.

Following are some of the doubts and the answers to those doubts so that you can make good use of used medical supplies to help the people in need.

Who can donate?

Anyone who has access to unused medical supplies and equipment can donate used medical supplies. You can be an individual, having unused medical supplies that are of no use to you. You can also be a medical supplier having medical supplies with either broken packaging or production overages. Anyone who wants to help people with medical supplies can contribute and bring a change in the lives of needy people.

What medical supplies can I donate?

These are the 3 main categories of supplies that you can donate:

Disposable supplies: like bandages, gloves, diapers, catheters, soaps, etc

Equipment: like a wheelchair, biomedical equipment, machines or crutches.

Prescription medicines: which are unexpired and can be used for a later period.

When can I donate?

You can donate used medical supplies and equipment whenever you want. But some of the NGOs and organizations have special monthly and yearly subscription when they accept donations. You can contact major organizations to know more about their donation programs.

Where do my donations go?

There are millions of people all over the world in need of medical supplies. You can donate used medical supplies to them directly if they are locally available or you can even search for various international non-profits and NGOs to donate medical supplies. These organizations supply medical equipment to the areas and people in need. But if you have a specific passion or interest to donate used medical equipment and supplies to a specific country or region you can choose organizations working for that particular area.

Why should I donate?

The people who get the medical supplies donated are often in life and death situations. You can donate used medical supplies and can give them a chance to love. In addition to this, donating something to needy always gives you soul satisfaction. Donation of medical supplies and equipment is also good for the environment as these supplies are often dumped in the junkyard, which negatively affects the environment.

Don’t wait!! Millions of people need medical supplies. Donate to save their life!!


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